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Standout Podcast Guest Pitches for Introverts

by Kelly VanHoveln

Are you struggling to make your podcast guest pitches stand out and connect with your audience effectively? 

Unlock the secrets to becoming an exceptional podcast guest and boosting your audience reach with this micro-training video. Whether you’re an introvert or a highly sensitive individual, this training provides valuable insights into crafting engaging, profound conversations that resonate with listeners, offer quick wins, and create genuine connections. 

Course Breakdown

Learn the art of effortlessly selling yourself on podcasts, turning cold audiences into warm ones, and finding the right guest opportunities. With tips on customizing your pitches for higher conversion rates, this training is your key to podcasting success.

Kelly discovers the power of crafting customized podcast pitches for real connections and higher conversions.

Learn the framework; Kelly outlines her three-stage framework for crafting podcast pitches: Planning, creating assets, and pitching. She emphasizes the importance of focusing on what podcasters and their audiences need, rather than just self-promotion. The first step involves selecting topics you want to talk about, categorizing them broadly, specifically, and in your niche. Next, you need to decide what types of podcasts you want to appear on, looking beyond your industry to diversify your reach. Kelly suggests doing research to create a list of potential podcasts to pitch to.

Learn about providing valuable offerings to a podcaster’s audience for successful pitch conversion.

Kelly explains the key components you’ll learn about: asset creation, including a single document or folder for your assets, topics with talking points, shows you want to be on, and other resources. She discusses the importance of your bio, a headshot, and a pitch letter for approaching podcasters. Kelly highlights that the focus should be on how you can bring value to the podcaster’s audience.

Learn the process of pitching to podcasters and customizing your pitch for success.

By following the step-by-step process outlined in customizing your podcast pitches, you’re well on your way to success. Now, you understand the significance of tailoring your pitches, increasing your chances of acceptance, and building a more aligned audience. This will lead to deeper conversations and trust from the start, ultimately making your sales efforts smoother and more time-efficient. As you continue your podcasting journey, remember the power of customization and enjoy the benefits it brings!

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