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Happy World Introvert Day

A Learning Hub & Community Helping Introverts Thrive

For introverts who are tired of feeling like second-class citizens

We’re on a mission to end the extrovert bias and empower introverts to succeed by being themselves.

Introverts have been getting the short end of the stick for a while now. 

With employers favoring outspoken and gregarious employees over the more reserved, with quiet school children being told they need to come out of their shell, and with small business owners feeling like they can’t stand out amongst the hustlers with the ‘gift of the gab’…

It’s high time we introverts had a voice. We believe that with the right systems and knowledge, introverts make the best leaders; that we have everything we need to thrive; and that our preference to be less social isn’t a bad thing. 

In fact, introversion is our superpower.


Learn on demand, set your own goals, go at your pace, and make your own deadlines.


Our easy-to-digest format helps you learn in a way that doesn't drain your energy.


Meet people who get you. Make lasting friendships and find all the answers you need.

Making a Stand

For Small Business Owners

Learn from introverted entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses on their own terms. Get inspired and find your own path.

For Teams & Managers

Providing training to corporate businesses and sales professionals to recognize the untapped potential and amplify the strengths of introverts within their sales teams.

Launching Nov 2023

For All Introverts

Embrace who you are and learn how to work to your introverted strengths in all areas of life, from dating and making friends, to parenting and careers. 

Launching April 2024

For Students and Teachers

Understand how you can make a difference for your introverted students. Start initiatives to help make change happen in education. 

Launching Aug 2024

Introverts recharging and thinking

You're Not Alone

Do you often find yourself feeling drained after socializing? 

Do you prefer to get your ideas in order before speaking up? Enjoy spending time alone, more than with people? 

Then you’re most likely an introvert. And there is nothing wrong with that! 

Introverts are often misunderstood. 

We’re not shy, standoffish, or antisocial. We just need to spend time alone to energize and recharge. 

We function best with less stimulation than our more extroverted friends.

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How IntrovertU Works


Discover your potential with transformational trainings created by introverts, for introverts.


Meet and make friends with people who truly get you.

Embrace Your Personality

Realize that your personality and temperament are actually huge advantages for success.

Trainings by Introverts for Introverts

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