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Happy World Introvert Day

Guest Blog Guidelines

Would you like to contribute to IntrovertU? 

We’re teaming up with some of the best minds in the introvert space. Those who specifically work with introverts, or are introverts themselves, and want to share ideas, or tools and strategies that have worked for them.

IntrovertU’s mission is to encourage introverts to embrace who they are, and work with their innate strengths, not against them. And we can’t do that without experts like you, who are willing to contribute.

Below are the guidelines for submitting an article to us.

List of Desired Blog Post Themes and Topics

In general, posts we accept for guest content fall under the following categories:

1. Entrepreneur

  • Content Marketing
  • Public Speaking
  • Personal Branding
  • Sales
  • Networking
  • Mindset
  • Day to Day Business
  • Connection
  • Collaboration

2. Introvert Life

  • Dating & Relationships
  • Friendships
  • Family Life
  • Wellness
  • Conversation
  • Shyness & Social Anxiety

3. Career

  • Leadership & Management
  • Communication

4. Education

  • Children’s Education
  • Adult Education

5. Corporate Business

  • Workplace Culture
  • Teamwork

While brainstorming what to write about, ask yourself these questions:

  • Will this topic be relevant to IntrovertU’s audience?
  • Will this post offer solutions (that don’t require the purchase of my product)?
  • Am I qualified to write about this topic? Do I have first-hand experience or have I worked with a client on this?
  • What insight can I bring to this topic that nobody else can?

When in doubt, get in touch with me at [email protected].

Guest Blog Content Tips

The guiding light behind our blog is to share content that’s educational, engaging, and entertaining, and not product-focused or promotional.

Use our blog to showcase your expertise with potential new customers. If people find your content valuable, they’ll research you all on their own. Likewise, our team will happily use your content to make warm introductions to you when appropriate.

Posts should be a minimum of 1,000 – 1,500+ words or longer. There is no maximum length.

Break up your content, so it’s easy to read. This means including headings, subheadings, bullets, and any other visual elements to increase the readability of your piece.

Write in a natural, conversational tone. We want to share content that is authoritative, but not robotic. Don’t shy away from showing off your sense of humor.

All content MUST BE ORIGINAL. We do not accept duplicate or syndicated content as guest posts. If your post has appeared anywhere else on the web, we can’t publish it on our blog.

If you quote other content, you must link to it. Always name your sources.

We understand that you’re an expert, but our audience might not be so sure. If you’re going to drop some stats (ie: “open rates jumped 55 percent overnight”), link back to the original source.

Talk about your real-world experience. Talk about mistakes you’ve made, plans you’ve built, and strategies you’ve executed. Draw on your own personal experience to speak authoritatively about what you know.

Take a position. If you disagree with common wisdom on a topic, talk about why the mainstream point of view is wrong or misleading. Back up your perspective with facts. Take screenshots. Include interesting data. Support your arguments with external references.

Other Things to Include in Your Guest Blog

  • Statistics. Try to include verifiable first or third party research, statistics, and data in your post.
  • Outbound Links. Does somebody else have a great point of view on a topic? Want to make sure people know a certain definition of a word or concept? Link to it. Make sure these links are to authoritative sites. Only link to your site if it’s a highly relevant blog post.
  • Lists and Bullets. We’re fans. Readers are fans. Most people skim articles until they find the value. Bullet points make this easy.
  • Actionable Takeaways. Recap the takeaways of your article in bullet points at the end of your post.

NOTE: IntrovertU reserves full editorial control and may edit or tweak submissions as we see fit.

These tweaks may include removing too much self-promotion, optimizing for SEO, edits both small and large, and more.

Guest Blog Process

Step One: First, submit the title of your post here, along with a brief overview of what you will cover.

Step Two: If we feel this is a good fit, we will let you know. Then you’ll submit your bio, image, and the date you will submit your draft via this form.

Step Three: Once you’ve written your draft, send it as a shared Google Doc to [email protected]

Use these sharing settings:

  • On – Anyone with the link;
  • Access – Can edit.

Step Four: We will proofread it and make any edits to this doc. Important: Make a copy if you’d like to keep an original version of your writing.

Step Five: We will let you know when edits are completed, so you can look over the finished article. Any concerns or comments can be raised within the document.

Once you are happy to proceed, we will let you know when the article is scheduled to go live.

Step Six: We will send you graphics that you can share on social media.

Guest Blog Promotion

Please feel free to promote your post through your social media, newsletter, or link to it from your blog.

You can even include a snippet of the post on your blog, with a link back to the original content on our site (this is important so that we both avoid duplicate content penalties).

We look forward to your contributions!



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