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Happy World Introvert Day

Creating Packages That Sell

by Matthew Pollard

Do you struggle to communicate the value of your products or services as an introverted business owner?

The path to success in sales requires more than just quality offerings. You need to have packages that are easy for potential customers to understand.

Learn how to create compelling packages that resonate with your audience and lead them towards the sale. 

Learn from the author of The Introvert’s Edge book series, who’s been described as “the real deal” by Forbes, and is responsible for five multi-million-dollar business success stories before the age of 30.

Course Breakdown

In this training, you’ll learn Matthew’s favorite way to package products and services, why leading with free gets the best results, and how to articulate your packages so you get the sale.

Learn how to think more creatively about how you package your products or services.

Learn the most basic version of packaging and create three tiers of your product or service, each with different levels of value and different price points.

Learn some of the issues that you might encounter when thinking about your three packages.

Learn how you could package your services to give you regular recurring revenue by using a subscription-based approach.

Learn to use Trojan Horse Packaging as a way for people to understand your value and see you as the only logical choice.

Matthew shares how he used Trojan Horse Packaging to rapidly increase his pricing, and explains how you can too.

Learn how to leverage a Trojan Horse Package offering as part of your three packages, while also understanding the power of leading with free.

Learn why leading with free works, and discover the ideal framework for giving people free content.

Learn how to explain your packages in the right way, with the exact steps to help you articulate them effectively.

Learn how and when to use proposals, and the steps to follow to have more success.

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