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One Story Away Certification

by Matthew Pollard

Are you an introverted business owner who’s sick of….

If this is you, then Matthew Pollard, the author of the bestselling Introvert’s Edge series, has the PERFECT solution.

As Matthew likes to say, “You’re just one story away from the rapid growth business you deserve.”

And he should know.

After all, his one story, which he shares from stage, on podcast interviews, in his books, on social media, when networking, and during every sales conversation has resulted in millions of dollars in sales, without spending a dime on advertising.

And he’s helped hundreds of his one-on-one clients and Rapid Growth Academy students do the same.

Instead of hearing objections, we got appointments

Two months from having Matthew’s training, we nearly quadrupled the number of meetings set with clients, which resulted in a potentially income of around a million dollars.

Matthew changed the way I see sales

Once I realised what separates my approach, it allowed me to turn that into a story that’s really interesting to hear.

It’s completely changed the way I approach sales and it’s also changed my results.

Why is this an important training for introverts?

We introverts are reserved souls.

Let’s face it: Talking about ourselves, especially to a prospect, can make us feel totally uncomfortable (not to mention salesy – yuck).

We often find it difficult to highlight the value of what we do. We can get stuck in our heads, thinking of what to say next – until the critical moment is lost.

When prospects do express interest in what we do, we usually go right into teaching mode, asking questions, providing advice, and offering solutions and insights.

Does this sound familiar?

Maybe, to you, it feels like you’re showcasing your expertise and being helpful.

But what you’re really doing is a data dump.

Person who is bored

Sure, the person you’re talking to might be grateful for your advice – but they’re also overwhelmed by the amount and complexity of the information you’re sharing.

Matthew learned this the HARD way.

In his book, The Introvert’s Edge to Networking, he recounts the story of his first-ever speaking event, when he was invited to share his sales and marketing advice with a group of small-business owners.

Matthew worked tirelessly to put together the most detailed and informative presentation he could.

He shared strategies, frameworks, statistics, ideologies, processes, systems, and checklists. He gave them everything but the kitchen sink.

He thought he was helping…but the audience felt like they were drinking out of a fire hose.

For Matthew – and maybe for you, too – the devil was in the details.

The long list of facts, the endless complexity, and the confusing jargon.

Is it any surprise that the audience was overwhelmed? After all, Matthew had tried to cram years of insight into one small presentation.

Matthew, just like you, had great intentions when sharing his knowledge. But no one hired him.

This is when he had an EPIPHANY.

Matthew realized that teaching and explaining was not the goal.

He needed to show people why they should work with him, not tell them.

Facts and checklists wouldn’t do the job – a story would.

A story designed to motivate, inspire, and show prospects the amazing outcomes they could achieve by working with Matthew.

Since then, he’s shown thousands of other business owners how one story can change everything.

With just one story, you really can create a Rapid Growth business you love.

Happy introverts

Imagine if you could...

Think you already tell great stories? Think again.

Consider your “how we met” story.

You’ve likely told the story of how you met your partner a hundred times.

Maybe the first few times you told it, you noticed that certain parts got a good laugh. So maybe you decided to play up those parts.

Or maybe you noticed people’s eyes glazing over and thought… perhaps I’ll skip that part next time.

As the weeks, months, and years pass, your story becomes BETTER and BETTER, doesn’t it?

We love to tell these kinds of personal stories. And even better, we know people love to hear them.

But when it comes to business, most people – if they tell a story at all – are flat, one-dimensional, and matter-of-fact: “The customer wanted this, so I gave it to them.” The end.

Matthew’s unique story formula focuses on writing and delivering one business story with the same depth and emotion as your “how we met” story. A story that will hook your listener so they can’t wait to hear what happened next.

Soon, you’ll tell your one business story as compellingly as the story of how you met your husband or wife. Maybe even better!

What will you learn?

In this comprehensive training, delivered in bite-sized chunks, Matthew shows you how to create and tell one powerful story that will transform your business success forever.


Learn what one powerful story can really do for your bottom line. Matthew shows how quickly a business story can go from dull and salesy to exciting and engaging, as well as what to do if you think you don’t have any stories. (Spoiler: You’re wrong!)

Discover the science behind storytelling. Research from Harvard and Stanford will help you see how, when armed with your one powerful story, you’ll have an unfair advantage over all your competition.

Identify the seven key situations to leverage your story for skyrocketing business profits. 

Learn the four pillars of a winning business story, along with a real-life example to bring theory into practice.

Craft your own powerful story – and get feedback from the IntrovertU story team.

Discover the proven system for memorizing your story and delivering it naturally and confidently on demand.

On Demand

Complete lessons at your pace and set your own deadlines.

3 Hours

Approximately 3 hours of theory with exercises.


Earn a Shareable Certificate upon course completion.


All students are invited to take a free assessment at the end of the training to obtain IntrovertU One Story Away” Certification.

This can be added to your website, LinkedIn profile, or marketing collateral to show credibility to prospective clients or employers. More important, it will give you the confidence of knowing that you have all you need to tell a compelling, profit-generating story for yourself.

Who is Matthew Pollard?

Called the real deal” by Forbes, Matthew has developed a reputation as among the best sales-through-story speakers, trainers, and coaches in the world. Global Gurus lists him as a Top 10 Sales Professional, and hes trained the sales teams of Fortune 500 companies including Intel, Oracle, Electrolux, and Berkshire Hathaway.

He’s also the bestselling author of the Introvert’s Edge series, translated into 15 languages with almost 100,000 copies sold. His first book (on sales) and his second (on networking) both focus on the power of story.

Matthew’s real passion, however, is helping introverted small business owners end the overwhelm, eliminate the stress and guesswork, and get on a clear path to Rapid Growth.

Enroll in Matthew’s One Story Away Training (with Certification) Today

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3-months free access to all IntrovertU Entrepreneur 

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That’s also 3-months access to the IntrovertU Entrepreneur community – a safe space to get support from your peers, and personalized feedback from the IntrovertU team. You’ll also get, access to additional resources, interviews and workshops with introvert experts and introverted business titans, including three years of Interviews and Workshops from The Quietly Influential Summit.

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Bonus 2

Lifetime Access to No Small Talk Sales Meeting by Matthew Pollard

Learn to sell over the phone or in a Zoom meeting, while completely sidestepping the awkward small talk element of the sales process. Matthew shares the exact scripts he uses to skip the small talk and get the sale.

Bonus 3

Lifetime Access to Creating Packages That Sell by Matthew Pollard

In order to be successful in selling your products or services, you need to learn how to package them in a way that is compelling and easy for potential customers to understand. Learn how to think creatively about your offers and create packages that sell.

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Yes! You’ll get access to the training for life. So you can learn on your timeline, and use the course to improve your one story again and again.

Yes. You will get feedback and support from the story team inside the IntrovertU Entrepreneur community, this is included as a bonus for the first 3-months.

IntrovertU is a learning hub and community helping introverts thrive in all areas of their lives. Our mission is to help introverts see that they don’t need to change to be successful, that sometimes it just takes a different approach.

We have multiple departments opening soon including Entrepreneur, Life, Careers, Education and Corporate Training.

Right now, IntrovertU Entrepreneur is only available to those who have enrolled to the One Story Away Certification.

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